SB539 – First in the nation drug transparency for diabetes drugs


Over two dozen states are attempting to pass legislation aimed at increasing drug cost transparency this year. I led the effort to target rising drug costs in Nevada. Specifically, my bill looked at diabetes drugs like insulin. I worked and organized a labor-mamagement coalition: major gaming companies, labor unions, insurance companies, and diabetes patients. When signed, the bill became the most comprehensive piece of drug transparency legislation in the country. Governor Sandoval described SB539 as “one of the most important bills of the session.”


SB122 – Family planning program


Nevada’s rural communities struggle to provide basic healthcare. With federal budget cuts, the challenges have spread to urban areas. My bill creates a family planning grant program so providers can apply for state funds to ensure women have access to the services they need. After the bill was signed, Governor Sandoval allocated one million dollars to the program.


SB415 – Feminine Hygiene Product Tax Exemption


Feminine hygiene products are treated as commodities under Nevada sales tax code. My bill asks voters to decide whether they agree with this idea, by placing the question on the 2018 ballot. If passed, the measure would remove the sales tax on tampons and sanitary napkins.


SB 325 – Medicaid and CHIP for immigrant kids


Federal law enables states to determine whether or not they want to enact a five year waiting period for legally present immigrant children to receive Medicaid and CHIP benefits. To date, 31 states have taken advantage of the program. Following the passage and signing of my bill, Nevada will become the 32nd state to do so.


SB 366 – Medicaid Transparency

Federal healthcare decisions have a tremendous impact on state level policy. In order to protect Medicaid funds and increase transparency on spending, my bill creates a Medicaid advisory council within the Department of Health. The group will work on creating opportunities to decrease costs and create public/private partnerships.

SB323 – SNAP reform

In 2018 Nevada will once again have a work requirement for SNAP benefit recipients. To prepare for this change, my bill creates a workfare program allowing individuals to convert volunteer work into qualifying hours. Nevada did not previously have this type of system in place.


SB120 – Problem gaming

As a leader in gaming, Nevada must also be a leader in gaming addiction intervention. By working with the Council on Problem Gambling, I passed a bill to give the group greater flexibility and access to resources.


SB429 – Urban agriculture

I worked with business groups interested in urban agriculture to pass legislation enabling cities and counties to include urban agriculture zoning in their permitting process.






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